"Teamplas Group is the top of total providers in plastic industry with an efficiency operation and high quality in competitive cost to meet the highest customer satisfaction"


  - Quality : High Quality
- Cost : Competitive Price
- Delivery : Punctuality
- Service : Customer Satisfaction
- Improvement : Continuously Improvement
- Eco-friendly : Environmental friend

History Of Teamplas

  - 1991 : Mr.SurapongAtichatsrisakul founded TeamplasCo.,Ltd and Teamplas Chemical Co.,Ltd in Bangkok
- 1992 : Started Plastic Recycle Business and Injection Moulding
- 1994 : Started Supply Recycle Resin to Home Appliances Industry
- 1998 : Setup TeamplasCo.,Ltd New Injection Plant Kabinburi
- 2005 : Relocated S.P.K. Plastic Co.,Ltd. and Teamplas Chemical Co.,Ltd Factory to Bangpakong
- 2007 : Achieved ISO14001:2004 Certificate from URS
- 2008 : Setup Full System of Laboratories
- 2009 : Achieved ISO9001:2008 certificate from URS
- 2010 : Invested in Siam Eco-Kasei Co.,Ltd to produce advanced material compounding
- 2012 : Established Teamplas Group R&D Co.,Ltd. to focus on Research & Development of Plastic products
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Teamplas Group
Teamplas Co.,Ltd
Teamplas Chemical Co.,Ltd
S.P.K. Plastic Co.,Ltd
Siam Eco-Kasei Co.,Ltd
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Our Vision
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History of Teamplas
Our Product & Service
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Our Customers
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